Baptist Church

Baptist of Clinton 

Missions Ministry

There are so many people in this world that live and die without the knowledge of Jesus Christ and part of the Great Commission is reaching that group of people. We are fervent in the attempt to reach our Jerusalem, while sending those, who are willing, to reach the uttermost. We are a Church that believes in missions.

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Phillip and Michelle Brown - Montana

John and Minako Baltz - Japan

Tim Booth - Evangelist

Jeff and Roxanne Bowersock - California

Warren and Gail Compton - Arctic Northwest

Jason and Amanda Herndon - Zuni & Navajo Nations

Dr. Charles Harding - Americans for Change

Pat and Greta Gordon - Zambia/ Missionary Evangelist

Kendal and Nancy Lalman - China

David and Terri Long - Nigeria

Mike and Wilda McCombie- BIMI Field Representative

Brian and Lynette Nibby- Romania

Matt Gansemer - Argentina

Wes and Rachel Gazaway - Egypt

Jerrod and Bernadette Montgomery - Puerto Rico

Mike and Jen Peters - Spain

Sean Mulroney- School Ministry

Robert and Joy Murillo- Mexico

Marc and Charin Patton - Hungary

Jim and Laura Pranger- Hungary

Clint and Rhonda Rardin- Mexico

Bruce and Jeanne Rice- Phillipines

Dave and Gina Schrock- Belarus

Jerry Sexton- Bearing Precious Seed

Steve and Naomi Sidler- Dominican Republic

Dave and Shonna Smith- Camp Ministry

Michael and Penny Smith- Estonia

Ben and Samantha Jordan - Dominican Republic

Stan and Joyce Kiefer - Philippines

Dr. Dan Woodward- Football Camp

Tom McMurtry - Church Planter in Illinois

Daniel and Jenny Middlebrooks - Siberia, Russia